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We are located in Northeast Iowa and specialize in high quality saddle mules

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Jewels is my 15.2h 2004 mare mule.  She is absolutely the most level headed, best attituded, people loving mule that I've ever seen!!!  She is an 'anyone can ride' mule .... anyone!  Want to go hog hunting in the roughest terrain you can imagine?  Jewels has done it!  Want to win the halter class at Rocky Mountain Mule Days?  Jewels has!!  Want to pen cattle in a sale barn for 12 hours?  Yep, she's been there and done that!!  Want to put a kid or inexperienced rider on her and go slow down a trail??  Jewels!!  Wanna go healing at a team roping, or drag calves to a branding fire??  Jewels has and will!!